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Cameron Hill was born with racing in his blood. Cam interview

He grew up on the track, watching his father Colin play crew chief on the National Sports Sedan scene for seasoned professionals and former champions including Terry Shiel, Keith Carling and Neil McFadyen.

One of his earliest memories was being in the grandstand, watching the cars rip around the track. There was smoke, it was loud, and he could taste the raw smell of fuel.  He remembers the scene as being full of nervous tension and palpable excitement.

Cam is humble about his success but ask him questions about the driving, and his eyes light up and his voice rises to confirm the sheer excitement of it all.

On the track he means business. And when he’s on that start line it’s just him and the car. That’s when the adrenalin takes over, and the glory of winning a race gets him over that finish line.

Cameron Hill loves racing. Pure and simple.

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